Dear Patrons and well-wishers,

          This year we celebrate our 14th Anniversary, fourteen years of dedicated services to improve the quality of life of vulnerable women & children in urban and rural areas of Pondicherry / Tamil Nadu. Our journey has been full of learning, with plenty of both successes and challenges.

           Sharon Society of Pondicherry started in 2002, to serve the old aged people, Orphans, Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities, Persons with HIV/AIDS, development of women. etc. The organization has been the brain child of likeminded social activists with rural, simple and humble background.

          During 2008, Sharon Society of Pondicherry started its dream project called “Pushpagandhi Old Age Home” with the support / contributions of individual’s donors and Society members. Initially, the home was started with 10 inmates. The home has the Facilities for accommodating around 20 old age people with proper sanitation. We are also having other facilities i.e. physiotherapy, Counselling, library & Re-creational activities.At present, 20 inmates are staying in the home.

            After the completion of our dream project, we started Special School for children with special needs in the name of “Sharon Special School” in 2011. We are providing Special Education, Physiotherapy, Mobility, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and parent counselling at Sharon Special School.

           Sharon Society of Pondicherry also started aDay Care Center as “Sharon Creche” with full day care services for working mothers. The main objective of the program is to provide support in terms of quality, substitute care for children while their mothers are at work.

           Apart from these services we are also working on the issues i.e. HIV/AIDS Awareness, Blood / Organ Donation camps, Environment Awareness camps, Self-Help-Groups, Vocational Training Centres for women / children, De-addition & Drug abuse etc.

          The entire organisation, along with our trustees and external stake holders, worked in a participatory manner to map out our priority areas and plans to upscale our impact over the coming years. The resultis a creation of a roadmap on focus areas, potential partners and proposed coverage over the coming years.

           None of this would have been possible without the support of our stake holders – funders, government partners, academic partners, corporate partners and volunteers - who have all contributed in a significant manner. We take this opportunity to thank each one of you for your belief in our work and for your continued support. We solicit the patronage of one and all in helping the poor, needy children, women, adolescent girls, youth, aged and the HIV positive people in the coming years.

Yours sincerely,
G. Mohan






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