Dear Well wishers "Greetings from Sharon Society of Pondicherry" As you all know that our Sharon Society of Pondicherry is providing many social services to the vulnerable people in society. Under the "SNEGAN" Project For the past 10 years we are rescuing many abandoned elderly people who are staying on the road side Today we came to know that for the past few days a 72 years old lady is staying on the street of Lawspet without food. Immediately our Sharon Society Volunteers reached there and rescued that old woman from the street then we gave first aid, food and counselling to her. Later on the old women was handed to her children at Thavalakuppam, Puducherry. And today we came to know that due to the lockdown of Civid -19 one lady and her child with cancer are suffering near Jipmer hospital without any transport facilities. Immediately we went there and rescued them and took the lady and her child in our vehicle and handed them to their family members at Chidambaram. Hence , if any person willing to join this humanity activities means please give your support for us. "Thanks with regards" G. Mohan ( Founder of Sharon Society of Pondicherry)

Women Empowerment

The Sharon Society also working for the welfare and development of widows women through formation of Self Help Groups (SHGs) and providing various vocational training like stitching, door & floor Mate making, vegetable Vender, idly & dosa butter vender etc. these women Self Help Groups are playing very important role in creating awareness on various sensitive issues like HIV/AIDS and disabilities.

Alternative Livelihood project for destitute women in Puducherry

The Project was started in 2015-16 with one-time financial assistant from Rights Sharing Worlds Resources (RSWR) USA. In 2016-17 onwards, Sharon Society of Pondicherry is running independently this project. The main objective of this project is to provide earning resources for destitute women; who are not able to manage their family needs and living low esteem. This year in 2018-19, we had organized 4 days training program on wire basket & other essential household things making for women from community. The training was very useful for women who want to start home based business. Under the project each woman will get Rs. 85/- per basket as making charges. During the training program around 25 homemakers participated.

Sharon Society joined hands with Samugan Social Service Trust, Pondicherry to create awareness about plastic bad effects on environment & human health. Ms. Saibi Mathew (a Ginice book of record holder) came forward to conduct a standing bike ride rally from 3rd February to 7th March, 2019. During the event 10,000 kms were covered by her. On 27/02/2019 Sharon Women Group actively participated in the event and welcomed in Puducherry.


Since 2018 we had conducted / organized & coordinate around 50 meetings as NGO Members of DLCC, Puducherry to help women who are faced sexual harassment at workplace.